Install MySQL on AlmaLinux

How to Install MySQL on AlmaLinux

Brief: This article guide takes us through the installation, configuration, and testing of MySQL database server software on an AlmaLinux 9 and AlmaLinux 8 distribution.

How to Install MariaDB on Alpine Linux

MariaDB is a popular open-source relational database server that was forked from MySQL, which is fast, scalable, and provides a rich ecosystem of plugins, storage

How to Install MariaDB Server in AlmaLinux

Since AlmaLinux has Red Hat Enterprise Linux binary compatibility, this free and open-source Linux OS distribution projects production-grade, and community-supported OS attributes. These traits make

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The name MariaDB needs no introduction as its track record on numerous web-based and desktop-based projects speak for itself. The maturity in MariaDB’s performance delivery

How to Install and Secure MariaDB in RHEL 8.5

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